CAATINGA! studio

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CAATINGA! cares and empowers children with creative freedom through guided art in nature.


​At CAATINGA!, we will form a positive community of friends as we learn about, appreciate, explore and connect to nature through art. Our goal is to have a child led art & nature program that allows children to learn in nature through song and dance, art and science. When you pick up your child we hope that they are dirty, sweaty, smell like the fresh air and have a piece of art in their hand to show you.


Health & Safety

CAATINGA! is run by trained staff with backgrounds in education and nature. We will always do everything that we can to make sure your child is safe, but playing in nature can always incur elements of hazard from a scraped knee to bee stings and ant bites. We will spend the majority of our time outdoors unless of inclement weather.

We closely monitor the health and safety of the children and make sure that the utmost care will be taken to follow the safety regulations set forth by the CDC. CAATINGA! is taking all necessary safety precautions to ensure a clean and safe environment for your child to be in. 

Masks will be required to be worn by both children and staff while indoors and outdoors. Any child with a fever while at CAATINGA!, will have their parents or emergency contact called to pick them up right away. 

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